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Republic of Junglistan

Republic of Junglistan
NGO: Greenpeace

8,062 Actions Taken

Greenpeace is a non-profit, environmental campaigning organisation with a presence in over 40 countries. In India, we’ve been working to protect the environment and the people who live in it for over ten years.

We’re also independent, so we don’t take money from governments or business houses. This means we have the freedom to shout from the rooftops about violations, corruption, injustice and things that are just plain wrong – and then do everything we can to fix them.


Looting and burning
- India’s forests – our forests – are being dug up, cut down, slashed and destroyed for coal. The government is approving this raid on our natural heritage, but increasingly the money goes to line the pockets of private companies.
- Tigers live in these forests. Elephants live in these forests. Millions of tribal and forest-dwelling families live in these forests. These people live in harmony with the jungle, taking their food and raising their children and preserving the forest at the same time. Together they help maintain the climate and natural balance of our planet.
- If we allow companies to dig up coal in sensitive forests areas, the forest will be gone, the water will be gone, and then the coal will be gone, too. The only thing that will remain is barren wasteland that can no longer support life as we know it.
- But don't we have to have coal, for power? No! There are cleaner, more modern ways to make energy - like solar and wind power.
- We think it’s a no-brainer: keep the coal in the ground, keep the forests alive, and stop climate change.
- You can’t replace or replant these forests. Stop their destruction before it’s too late.



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4. Then become a citizen of Junglistan, the virtual republic of all forests in India
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