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Animal Welfare

The Poonchh Collection

The Poonchh Collection
NGO: ArtByAarohi

3,583 Actions Taken

To help raise awareness for the plight of the stray dog and funds specifically towards an Animal Birth Control Program. 50% of the profits from the sale of this collection go towards benefiting the stray dog. This is an ongoing effort and collection. We hope to have to collections out every year towards this cause and maintain a small current stock of the same. ArtByAarohi is NOT an NGO but an independent Design Label.


- Opt To Adopt - If you are planning to get a dog, take one off the street today. You really can, and it WILL make a huge difference in the final analysis. The Indian street dog has so many more advantages to a pedigreed dog, that’s been in-bred and over-bred. It has the best genes in the business! It’s healthier, more resistant to disease, won’t get obese and will hence cause you less stress in the long term. It will give you as much affection as the pedigreed dog, if not more. They will just stay next to you in a show of silent support.And if for emotional reasons, you want a particular pedigreed dog. Then please adopt an abandoned one from a shelter, or one that is long past it’s ‘sell by date’ at a breeder’s. Trust us, even a pedigreed over grown dog at breeders, does not have a pretty life. His only mistake is that he grew up. The same is the case with abandoned pets. You would be surprised by the number of pets that are left on the streets, abandoned because they grew out of their cute puppy dog stage!
- Please don't ‘pay’ to get a dog! - Help stop this vicious cycle of breeding and over breeding. And if you still must, then please go to a registered breeder
- Please never abandon a pet
- Animal Birth Control - A single pair of dogs can in their lifetime alone see between 60,000 – 70,000 in progeny. It is not possible to control that huge number on the streets. Not only is it illegal to kill a stray dog but it would be inhumane to do so. Add to that woes of abundant garbage as ready food supply, territorial instincts, disease and an indifferent, and at times, plain scared ever exploding human population –

- What do you get? Disaster of epic proportions waiting to happen! 

- How can we change this situation? - Better garbage disposal and animal birth control 

- If that first pair are spayed/ neutered, then the cycle ends. They live out their life of about 3-5 years on the streets and it’s over

- What can you do? Call your local Animal Welfare Centre and follow up on the ABC program in your locality. FYI- an already spayed or neutered dog will have its ear notched (a little bit of the tip cut off)


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