Waking up to Find, Your Love IS Real

Posted May 09, 2012 @ 16:00 pm
by mtv editor

In his maiden visit to India, legendary DJ Fatboy Slim drove the audiences at Delhi and Bangalore wild and left them begging for more.

Waking up to Find, Your Love IS Real


After pop sensation Lady Gaga and French DJ David Guetta, the latest to hit the Indian music scene is none other than renowned DJ Norman Cook better known as Fatboy Slim. After four years of trying, Nikhil Chinapa finally got the artist to come to India on a two-day tour. Fatboy Slim is often referred to as THE DJ to see before you die and he lived up to his reputation by enthralling the audiences at Delhi and Bangalore where he held a concert last weekend. In fact, it is reported that people came down all the way from Dubai to see the legend perform. And unlike Bryan Adams and Metallica whose concerts got cancelled due to the many guidelines, the Fatboy Slim concert adhered to every last one of them and witnessed a turnout of over a thousand hardcore fans.

The acclaimed artist said in a recent interview, "Great crowds is what an artist craves for and India promises all that and more. India has always been a dream destination for me and it will be a euphoric feeling to see the crowds going insane with eclectic mixes at a phenomenal evening.” And phenomenal is what the evening was with the crowds going mad as Fatboy Slim appeared in the center of the stage in his signature barefoot avatar. After a heavily accented “Namastey”, he belted out his famous numbers The Rockafellar Skank, Right Here Right Now, Praise You and even an Indianised version of his track Chuckie called I’m in Delhi. DJ Ivan and DJ Arjun Vagale music along with Fatboy’s trademark on stage antics transported the crowd to another dimension altogether. While tickets to the Delhi concert were priced at Rs. 1500 onwards, four lucky winners of the MTV Gatecrash contest got to gatecrash the event for free AND meet Fatboy in person!

And though the concert ended last week, the audiences are yet to get over it. VJ Anoushka said, "DJ Fatboy Slim was absolutely amazing, you should have looked at the way people were going mad. I absolutely enjoyed the gig and would be looking forward to his next performance." The host of the evening Nikhil Chinapa added, “"Dance music has a huge market worldwide and I'm glad to see a legendary artist like Fatboy Slim finally coming to India.” Mitik Singhal from Hindustan Times said, “The God of Electronic Dance Music DJ Fatboy Slim enthralled one and all with his divine performance. He has etched a magnificent memory in every reveler’s soul”.

As Nikhil pointed out, Fatboy’s tour to India was a one-of-its-kind event literally, as the artist is rumored to retire in a couple of years; this may have well been his first and last visit to India. So cheers to all the people who got to witness the legend live, and as for the people who missed it, American metal band Lamb of God is supposed to visit India this year, so we’ll get even then!


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