The Silly Point of Cricket

Posted May 16, 2012 @ 00:00 am
by mtv editor

Missed the match last night? Then just catch up on the highlights on 5 Star MTV Silly Point!


5 Star and MTV have teamed up to create MTV Silly Point that is guaranteed to change the way you look at cricket match highlights forever. The one spot that showcases the A to Z of cricket, Silly Point features three self appointed cricket gurus Cyrus Broacha, VJ Jose and Gaelyn Mendonca. And adding to the laughs is the much loved duo of Ramesh and Suresh, who bring their temporarily amnesiac tendencies along with them.  Cyrus, Jose and Gaelyn dress up as various characters from different parts of India, right from wannabe gangster to a Maharashtrian item girl. Take a look at the various avatars they don:


Cyrus Broacha aka Miyaan Shareef Khandani is your average tailor who makes for an amazing cricket guru in the breaks between eating paan. Dressed in a green silk kurta and a red chequered scarf, he knowledgeably sums up the happenings of the match, shayari style. Be it Delhi creaming Mumbai into the ground or Kolkata narrowly beating Delhi in a recent match, Miyaan Shareef has all the dope you need.


Then comes the man of many avatars, our very own VJ Jose who doubles up, or should we say triples up as a mobster, a rapper and a vendor. As DJ Guggi C, he is dressed in the trademark overlarge jacket and loads of silver jewelry. Be it Punjab’s defeat to Bangalore or the Deccan versus Mumbai debacle, this DJ will run you through the highlights, pure rapper style. And to make sure that you don’t miss out any detail, Khatru Khabri, the certified Indian gangster comes along with his deadly pen knife. Apart from dicing those who dare to disagree with him, he also slices matches down to the last detail. And contrary to his name, Angaarey Anna is a peace loving person (well, most of the time). This guy passes his expert advice on the highlights of the ongoing matches while simultaneously brushing up on his bowling skills with the help of some coconuts.


The last of the trio, Gaelyn takes the item girl baton in her hands with Changli Champagani. Not only do her dance moves put Katrina Kaif to shame, but her songs pack in the highlights about the ongoing matches. Be it the Chennai versus Deccan match or the Mumbai versus Pune showdown, you can always count on her to make a song and dance about it. She also doubles up as Paulomi, the housemaid who excels at everything except housekeeping. During breaks from work (which occur surprisingly often), she runs you through the happenings of the ongoing matches in a way we bet you haven’t seen before.


And upping the fun element is the dreamy duo of Ramesh and Suresh, who join in the proceedings every time they surface from munching on chocolate.  These guys bring with them a fantastic opportunity to win some really cool prizes; they appear at the end of each video and ask a simple question. All you have to do is guess the answer and if you are lucky, you get to take home some awesome prizes.


If you missed these guys on TV, then catch all the fun at So keep watching 5 Star MTV Silly Point, your one stop destination for all the latest happenings in the twenty twenty world! 




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