5 gifts for your loved ones on Christmas

Posted December 24, 2012 @ 14:38 pm
by Urban Cupid

Tomorrow is Christmas, and as much as you wish there was a real Santa who comes around midnight to deliver a gift-- that isn’t happening.

5 gifts for your loved ones on Christmas
Slap yourselves if you were fretting about what to buy, because it is Christmas and I am not taking an off until I’ve discovered a little more love in this world.

The closest you can get to a Santa experience is by opting for cash on delivery on one of the online sites. Dear loved one, you will have to do all the shopping on your own; still it is a great excuse, to show your love one that you care. Slap yourselves if you were fretting about what to buy, because it is Christmas and I am not taking an off until I’ve discovered a little more love in this world.

Steal any of these 5 ideas:

A basket of puppies or maybe just the one: Do you remember the day, your loved ones were out for dinner with their friends and you were worried about their whereabouts; may be, you called them too many times to get a detailed, “Google Map” perspective of their advancement, from the last time you had called. Yes, they must have got irritated; probably even raised their voice, or disconnected. However, you and I know that you were just worried, and that beautiful feeling of caring about someone can only be felt when you are in love. So, why not allow that feeling to grow? Buy your loved one a puppy that they would have to look after with the same tenderness.

A dainty neckpiece: Very often you are at a shop and your thoughts are scattered all over the place, you show no signs of arriving at a conclusion that even the salesman has left you on your own. When you are in such a situation; do not panic. The best option is to give your girlfriend something she can keep close to her at all times. Something that isn’t cumbersome and can remind her of you, a dainty necklace is something that scores on both counts. So go scour for the prettiest, sparkliest necklace there is.

Perfume: A perfume as a gift is a lovely gesture but it may raise some petulant questions. Why did she gift me a perfume? Does she think I smell? Obviously, that isn’t your intention; so, you may just want to leave a little note on the wrapper. Something like: “When you wear this I would know you were thinking about me.”

A Song: In case your loved one is a talented musician and you know he can give any random emotion a melody, then you know what would an apt gift that both you could share. Pen a limerick, putting down in words an emotion that cages you every time you think of your lover. Give it to them and ask them to sing to you whenever both of you find some alone time.

Album: Not just an album of photographs, but something else that goes with it. Probably, you can gift your lover an album full of pictures with a CD that they can play in the background, for a 2D experience. So, as they flip through the pages they can also listen to you describe those moments. May be, if you are sitting with them at that moment, a 3D experience could be the next best option.




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