Kareena hates all her colleagues!

Posted December 09, 2013 @ 10:48 am
by MTV Editor

Actor Ranbir Kapoor says his cousin Kareena Kapoor "hates all" her colleagues and the actress agrees and says she's not in the Hindi film industry to make friends.

Kareena hates all her colleagues!

Kareena and Ranbir made a joint appearance on Karan Johar's celebrity talk show "Koffee With Karan", where they got talking about the former's relationship with her female colleagues.

Kareena shared that she once visited her husband actor Saif Ali Khan while he was shooting with Katrina Kaif in Beirut. One evening Saif went to sleep as he wasn't keeping well, so she and Katrina went out for coffee and even spent two to three hours together.

Ranbir, who is reportedly dating Katrina, cut Kareena's talk short, and said: "Also you have not been friendly with any colleagues of yours?...she hates all of them."

Adding to that, Karan said: "Anyone who is a contemporary actress, Kareena can't be a friend with."

Ranbir commented: "You (Kareena) always liked somebody who is 10 years your senior or somebody who is just born"

Kareena then reacted and clarified: "A.I am not here to make friends and B.I am here to work. C. I have too many friends already so why I would I want to make friends."

During the show, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Ranbir's first cousin, also referred to Katrina Kaif as her sister-in-law, leaving Ranbir Kapoor rather red faced! Kareena also revealed that she has forbidden Saif Ali Khan from kissing on-screen and the same diktat might apply to her, although she said that she will always do as she pleases.

Do you think Kareena has let the cat out of the bag? Are Ranbir and Katrina headed down the aisle? Tell us in the comments below.

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