Katrina Kaif: A Drama Queen?

Posted December 09, 2013 @ 13:25 pm
by MTV Editor

When you’re a Bollywood celebrity, you’re entitled to make and break the rules. Sometimes B’Town celebrities are snooty and sometimes they make you feel like you’re one of them. Except, the young Miss Kaif gives journalists whiplash because she does all of the above and more.

Katrina Kaif: A Drama Queen?

When Katrina Kaif landed in Dubai recently for a series of promotional events for a jewellery brand, the media witnessed, in full glory, actress' troublesome mood swings.

Katrina Kaif isn’t known to be a troublesome celebrity. However, on the day of the event, the actress donned her diva hat and kept rescheduling her commitments until the frustrated media decided to call it a day.

Before even reaching the first venue for a media interaction, she made it clear that she would not answer any questions related to her current flame, Ranbir Kapoor. This was then followed by a text she sent to her team, which read, "Cancel all my one-on-one interviews,"

The scribes were so taken aback by the sudden change of events that they decided to leave. For those who decided to stay back, it was a long wait. The actress then made her grand appearance two hours late.

Her next commitment was a visit to the other retail outlets, where Katrina sent out another text asking her team to cancel the visit to the third venue, because she was unhappy with the security arrangements.

After this ordeal, Katrina had another change of heart. She messaged her team asking them to call all members of the press back to the first venue at 6.15 pm. By the end of it, the press had enough of her troublesome tantrums, so when the star reached the venue hardly a handful of the members of press turned up.  Katrina then threw a fit again, claiming that she wasn’t prepared for interviews with the electronic media. When the journalist argued, he was told, "Madam is not looking fresh after a long day."

The media person left complaining, saying, "Isn't interacting with the media during a brand promotion a paid exercise, then why so much natak?" Coincidently, that very same evening in Mumbai, her boyfriend, Ranbir Kapoor snatched a video camera from an on assignment photo journalist when filmed while leaving a suburban club after a party with his director friend Ayan Mukerji. Ah... celebrities and their drama, they never get old, do they?


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