Legends from blue collars to platinum records!

Posted January 28, 2013 @ 16:32 pm
by Suroshree Dasgupta

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Not all your favourite musicians and rockstars were lucky enough to be born with the dream that someday their music will change the world. Some of them realized it half way through a really boring job, while others took up the job to fulfill their dream.

Legends from blue collars to platinum records!
Way before she hit the jackpot for being the original American Idol, Clarkson travelled from bar to bar selling red bull. She also worked as a cocktail waitress, six flags performer, vacuum cleaner saleswoman and telemarketer.

Although, there were those like Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber who got the opportunity to turn their dream into reality quite early on, there are also those who reassure us that no matter where you are stuck, dreams do come true; Even if, you have to work your way through it.

Here are some shocking careers of some of the musicians, before they were famous:

1.Jon Bon Jovi:
Before he broke into the rock scene in the 80’s, Bon Jovi found himself making Christmas decorations. Eventually he got a job as a janitor at the age of seventeen, sweeping floors at his Cousin Tony Bongiovi's recording studio. In 1980, when Meco was there recording Christmas in the Stars: The Star Wars Christmas Album, Tony Bongiovi recommended him for the song "R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas." This became his first professional recording. Since then, there has been no looking back for the Jersey boy.

2.Jack White :
The former White Stripes front man spent a number of years working as a furniture upholsterer, eventually running his own business, Third Man Upholstery, with the slogan "Your furniture's not dead." White not only went through an upholstery apprenticeship for three years, but also traveled to work under various masters of the craft to further educate himself. Eventually he’d recycle his furniture business name for his record label, Third Man records.

Sting had a number of pretty boring jobs before he left his teaching job to become a full time musician with The Police. Initially Sting found himself with jobs as a bus conductor, a construction labourer, and a tax officer (working for Inland Revenue – the UK’s tax department), before he attended Northern Counties College of Education, from 1971 to 1974 and qualified as a teacher. He then worked as a schoolteacher at St. Paul's First School in Cramlington for two years.

4.Kelly Clarkson:
After graduating from college, Clarkson worked several jobs to finance her demo and recording material, so that she could market it to the record labels. Way before she hit the jackpot for being the original American Idol, Clarkson travelled from bar to bar selling red bull. She also worked as a cocktail waitress, six flags performer, vacuum cleaner saleswoman and telemarketer.

5.Elvis Presley:
Immediately after school, Elvis Presley started contributing to the family income by taking on a full-time job at Precision Tool Company Inc, where he held the factory assembly line job. His weekly salary was a mere $27. Rumour has it that eventually Elvis was eventually fired from this job because he was underage. His next job was driving a truck for another company. Although the pay was lesser than his first job but he loved it and it lasted for about 14 months, until 1954 when a phone call asking him to record at Sun Studio changed everything.

6.Rod Stewart:
Rod Stewart is a multi faceted man, no doubt. At the age of 15 when he quit school, he took up a job as a silk screen, which he quit soon enough. Before his career with The Faces took off, wouldya believe it that Rod Stewart was briefly digging up six foot deep holes for a living? He was a gravedigger at Highgate Cemetery in North London. However, his early dreams were to become a pro soccer player but he abandoned that, when was he just semi-pro. It seems that the entire Stewart family was mostly focused on football.

7.Lady Gaga:
Even though she was brought up in the affluent area of New York called the ‘Upper West Side’, Lady Gaga didn’t really have it all that easy. Before she started frequenting the open mic circuits, Lady Gaga used to work as a waitress at a Greek restaurant in New York City. Apparently, the joint she worked at, made her wear high heels. However, considering how comfortable she is with fashion and crazy couture, it shouldn’t have been a problem at all.



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