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Posted December 10, 2012 @ 19:28 pm
by Sanat Mehra

Here is the latest news from Korea: The Lotte Group plans to build a Universal Studio in Korea by 2016; Greenpeace sues Korea over entry denial and Samsung is already prepared for the launch of another Galaxy.

More from Samsung!
The S3 has been in the market for a little more than six months, and that makes it very old in Droid world.

Certainly, the launch of the new galaxy is what must have caught your attention right away, but we warned it is just a rumour. Nevertheless, we shall further divulge the news for you because it’s bloody interesting.

Look at this way, the Galaxy S3 has sold a little more than 30 million units worldwide, which gives the company all the more reason to issue another android device; besides, the S3 has been in the market for a little more than six months, and that makes it very old in Droid world. Better still, soon the Galaxy will be out of contract, which could make the users of those phones fall for the bait. To think about it; this year thanks to Psy and Samsung, Korea has finally found a way out of the shadows.

Now, let us see what the company could do to bring on the new temptation; supposedly called the Samsung Galaxy S4. The upgrades, that phones next year are expected to have is a 1080p display and Android 5.0 with nothing less than a quad-core processor. We have seen and heard reviews of the of HTC’s Droid DNA; what is amazing about this phone is its 5 inch 1080p display that boasts of having 441 pixels per-inch. Surely, Samsung’s S4 can match up to that.

Further, Samsung Galaxy S4 is said to have an unbreakable screen that is as flexible as a strand of hair. Check out the video here!



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