Purvee Singh
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Purvee Singh

I am crazy. The word ‘limits’ is not in my dictionary. I am like the sea, unpredictable, calm, aggressive, peaceful and dangerous. If I am good I am extreme good but if I am bad I am worse than just ‘bad.’ I am caring & helpful. I do whatever my heart says and never care about what people say. I continue my madness

Age: 20

City: Mumbai

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Vital Stats: 34-24-36

Hottie or Nottie: Hottie & Nottie

Turn-Ons: Scent, Long Hair, Dressing sense, Tall height, Smile, Eyes, Anger, Rough attitude, Intelligence

Turn-Offs: Fat body, Fat Tummy, Hairy body, bad smell, Short height, girly voice

What makes a Woman/Man sexy? A man’s husky voice, his attitude, his way of carrying himself & long hair. That’s what makes him sexy; rough attitude & talks less. Intelligence also makes him sexy

What is your dream Date? Date with my Dream Guy on mountain, evening, cold weather, moon light, in his arms listening to good music & romance & silence between us

What is the Recipe to your Heart? Music, if a guy is good at it. I am half flattered, intelligence, good looks, depth in personality, creativity, reserve & subtle

Who is your Celebrity Crush? Shah Rukh Khan & Hugh Jackman

What is your Guiltiest Pleasure? I used to steal money from my mom’s piggy bank everyday to buy junk food

What is the Wildest Thing you have ever done? I was high in goa & I had literally made 300 people trip & hypnotized on my dance. I was dancing next to the D.J. I punched 2 foreigners. Two foreigners put water bottles on each others’ body and didn’t let anyone dance near me

What brought you to Splitsvilla? Nikhil chinapa - well this reason every girl will give, the wild, crazy & glamorous experience of splitsvilla brought me here. I always wanted to feel this madness & I did

Who is your Favorite Splitsvilla Contestant/Crush? Rishabh Sinha

What is the Funniest Proposal in your life? A guy whom I met for the 1st time comes to my building and proposed to me for marriage with a ring