TDIM - Justin Timberlake Pressed Libel Charges - 24th August
Posted On 24th August, 2014 @ 12:07 pm by MTV EDITOR

#ThisDayInMusic Pop singer Justin Timberlake slammed libel charges on model Lucy Clarkson!

Why exactly? When popular newspaper The News of the World article ran an article in July 2004 under the headline, ‘Exclusive: Bad News for Cameron as model reveals lover's secret fling’ singer Justin Timberlake hit the roof. The article further went on to allege that Justin had had sexual relations with the aforementioned model. On behalf of the model, her solicitor admitted that the entire story was an elaborate ploy by her to have her five minutes of fame and that she regretted the distress Cameron Diaz had faced on her behalf. A statement from News of the World read, "The newspaper now accepts that all the allegations complained of are entirely untrue and without any substance."