TDIM - Michael Jackson`s Death Anniversary - 25th June

Posted June 25, 2014 @ 21:36 pm

#ThisDayInMusic the world bid a heavyhearted adieu to the King of Pop.

TDIM - Michael Jackson`s Death Anniversary - 25th June

So join us in sharing a moment of silence for the greatest ever pop singer we’ve seen, Michael Jackson who sadly succumbed to a cardiac arrest #ThisDayInMusic. The famous moonwalker holds the dubious distinction of having one of the most watched funerals of all time as people from around the globe joined in the outpouring of grief. In the fifty years of his life, Michael Jackson collected multiple Guinness records and as many as thirteen Grammys. Join us in celebrating his life with these five little known facts that many of his fans are unaware of: 1. The pop sensation gave his first public performance at the wee age of five. 2. The cult dance style, the moonwalk that MJ popularized, was actually inspired by a random street performance that he happened to come across. 3. MJ’s choice of pets ran to boa constrictors, and he possessed several of them as well, one of which was quirkily titled Muscles. 4. With 23 Guinness World Records, 40 Billboard Awards, 13 Grammys, and 26 American Music Awards to his credit, MJ is effectively the most awarded artist of all time. Cheers. 5. The singer, who was at the brink of bankruptcy at the time of his untimely death, has earned approximately $700 million since.



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