This Day In Music - Janet Jackson’s Birthday and Keith Richards injures himself
Posted On 16th May, 2013 @ 11:42 am by MTV EDITOR

This Day In Music - Janet Jackson’s birthday and Keith Richards injures himself

The American singer, song writer and actress Janet Jackson is born on 16 May, 1966. As she is the pop icon Michael Jackson’s little sister, she had it in her genes to be a star. When she first entered the music industry, she was a young teenager who sang songs dedicated to young love. After ten years, her records became more provocative and sexual. She became the sex symbol every man dreamt of.  Her brothers Michael and Jermaine were her primary influences who helped her to become a better vocalist.

Keith Richards, the singer and founder of Rolling Stones is known for his songwriting partnership with Mick Jagger. On 16 May, 1998, Keith Richards fell off a library ladder when he tried to reach for a book of nude art at his home in Connecticut. The fall led to breakage of his ribs and due to this, the Rolling Stones had to postpone their Bridges to Babylon tour. Later, Keith tried to defend his injury by saying that he was searching for Leonardo Da Vinci’s book on anatomy.


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